Are you looking for support that delves deeper?

..that is more than just problem-solving?

...that guides you to your own Heart and Soul as a source of wisdom - the wisdom that knows its own way?

 ...that helps you to move forward empowered and inspired?

My name is Ariel and I am a trained counselor, astrologer, energy healer and teacher. I am here to serve you as you move toward the unfoldment of your highest Self, to hold up a mirror to your Divine nature and to offer what tools I have been gifted with by my teachers and helpers to you, in turn.


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Planting the Seeds of Purpose

Spring Equinox Full Day Intensive - March 16, 2019

Join Ariel Learoyd and Patti Wardlaw for this one day intensive in Calgary, Alberta. The Spring Equinox is a time to fertilize the seeds that have been gestating underground in anticipation of awakening with the growing light and warmth of Spring.

This day will be a creative exploration of the embodiment of purpose. We all have our own unique path unfolding, one which we alone can walk…Can we realize this more consciously? Qigong, meditation, guided visualization, art, sharing circle and an hour of Nicole St. Michel’s soundscape/relaxation will be our methods.