Ariel Learoyd, Gabriola Island, 2018

The truth is that you already are what you are seeking.” Adyashanti

 What is Wholistic Counselling?

Wholistic Counselling accesses and uses the natural wisdom of the body, mind and energy system to help support people as they evolve

Wholistic Counselling Principles:

  • Humans can continue to grow and evolve throughout the lifespan;

  • Old conditioned beliefs which underlie attitudes and self-concept become obsolete as we evolve;

  • Life transitions, periods of depression, anxiety, low self-worth, dysfunctional relationships and survival issues are wake-up calls from our inner being;

  • Wake up calls ask us to re-examine our core beliefs to see if they are still valid for us and conducive to our growth and development.

  • Releasing the “energy” of outworn beliefs helps us to shift to a new state of being - wholistic counselling uses specific techniques to do this

How does Wholistic Counselling differ from traditional methods?

Traditional methods use various forms of talk therapy to help people change their behaviour and cognition.

Wholistic Counselling treats in ways that include the physical and spiritual aspects of the person. The emphasis is less on behaviour and more on supporting insight into the underlying causes of behaviours and cognition and allowing change to follow insight.

Who might benefit from Wholistic Counselling?

  • Those who are drawn to deep, insight based self-understanding and awareness

  • Those with a deep inner yearning for truth, and the “why” of their life situation

  • Those who wish to increase their intuitional intelligence

  • Those who are drawn to personal and spiritual growth

Wholisistic Counselling Methods:

  • Inquiry

  • Somatic Sensing

  • Meditation & Visualization

  • Energy Healing

  • Astrological Counselling