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 ...that life continuously invites us to liberate anything that causes us to fall out of alignment with our essential nature…that we are continuously guided to our own unique pattern of growth, informs my approach to counselling and energy healing techniques.  

Counselling, Energy healing, Astrology, Meditation, Inquiry, Ancestral Trauma Healing are all methods I use in the work of assisting your unfolding wholeness.

In this sacred work of identifying that which is urging you to grow and fortifying you with new ways of embodying it, I see myself as guide, interpreter, fellow journeyer.

Images provided by Ariel Learoyd, “Gabriola Island”

Ariel has gratefully received training with many wonderful teachers:

  • Bachelors Degree Cultural Anthropology University of Alberta

  • Bachelors Degree Social Work University of Calgary,

  • Dipl Massage Therapy, Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, Virginia Beach, VA

  • Certified teaching Reiki Master, William Tupkal, Calgary

  • Registered Karuna Reiki Master, instructor William Lee Rand, Dearborne MI.

  • Studies in Shamanic Healing Techniques Jaki Daniels, Calgary

  • Astrological Counselling Adam Elenbaas, Springfield, MD

  • Healing Ancestral Trauma, Myron Eshowsky, Madison, WI