How does Astrology support our spiritual growth?

How can astrology support our spiritual growth? Here's an excerpt from an interview I did with the wonderful Karen McPhee ( on her radio program News for the Soul - August 22, 2018:

Astrology can be a wonderful support as we grow toward the recognition of our true nature and the embodiment of that nature. 
By learning the contents of our natal chart - the placement of Sun, Moon, Planets and stars at the moment of our birth we have a map and a key to understanding our conscious and unconscious tendencies. 
Our conditioned beliefs constitute our understanding and experience of who we are. This material lays the groundwork for our evolving awareness. As life invites us to grow beyond former self-concepts, ways of being and ideas of what is true, we come more and more into alignment with the natural expression of who and what we are. Learning to live from this alignment, we can then be in the world with more ease, more grace, freedom and joy. It is this that allows us to relinquish attachments to how we "appear" to others and gives us more connection to our authentic Self. 
Astrology can help us to understand the complexes that have held us to old, unconscious belief systems and wounded ways of being in the world and to begin to express our natal planets in a more constructive way. 
As the planets, continue their dance they, at times, touch on sensitive parts of our birth chart. These times of opportunity can help us to prepare, to risk change, transition and growth with more awareness and willingness. 
When we follow the movement of the planets, Sun and Moon through our chart, we might not know exactly HOW something is going to shift in our internal and external world but we know that there is likely to be a shift coming up. 
Eclipses are great examples of this. Eclipses represent the closing of a door (Lunar eclipse) and the opening of another door (the Solar eclipse). These are the most powerful opportunities for movement and growth that present themselves to us, so it is so very helpful to know when they are occurring and where they will touch our natal planets and other celestial bodies...