Our hearts are fertilized by cross breeding stars with that which is held in the deep untouched recesses of Mother Earth. Cosmos and Terra find their meeting place in the marriage chamber of the heart and catalyze the revitalization of life on this planet.

The balanced cross, a symbol for the spiritual possibilities of this planet now grows and evolves past 2 dimensions and becomes a interdimensional, multidirectional beacon of Light and Life.  This is what we are to carry forward – throwing off the travail, suffering and tortured symbols of our dying past. 

The old archetypes grow in multidimensional meaning and carry a wave of new life, rising like a tide to wash this world clean – the final sacrament of the Piscean Age.

The inevitabilities and certainty of new structures upon which to build to our highest capacity – hang in the Ethers – ready to take their rightful place.